Friday, March 7, 2008

The Artist, the Fireman, and The Ex…..part 3

I’m back. Exhausted, but I’m here. My weeks been pretty hectic and it doesn’t show any signs of slowing down soon. But you guys don’t want to hear any of that! Y’all want the juicy details on what went down between me, and the fireman. As you may remember from the last post, I was a little tipsy. Well not even tipsy….just nice. So with the courage juice flowing, I told F.M. that my feet were cold, and asked if I could get under the blankets, (we were already lying on the bed). He said “Of course, but not in your street clothes ;)"

No problem, I had the extra cute panty and bra set, so I stripped. A light green lace set that I copped especially for the occasion. The color looks great on my skin tone (I’m somewhere between coffee n cream’ & caramel). I don’t like to show my body off unnecessarily because there’s no reason for everyone to know what I have goin’ on, but I’m pretty confident about it. I have a nice little shape if I don’t say so myself. I’m not real heavy up top… but you know the saying…. “More than a mouthful’s wasted”.

Anyway, I let him get a look, and then I slipped under the covers, while he got undressed. And I watched…hungry for the kill! LOL! He slid into bed next to me, pulled me close and started kissing me. God! It felt so good to be held in those big strong tatted up arms. He rolled me from my side to my back, and started kissing from head to…….well I can’t say toe, cause he stopped right around my belly button; ripped my panties off, and concentrated on kissing my clit.

Now you all know I tell y’all every single damn thing, and this post won’t be an exception. So here it is…the good, and the bad. Well, for one thing, I don’t really like to get eaten out. That’s not my twist. There is only one man that I like for that job, and I haven’t seen his Puerto Rican ass in years. (He really…well remember Spanish class from high school? Well dude knew how to roll his “R’s” if you know what I mean. He really made love with his tongue, lips, teeth, because that was his twist. He loved to do it, and bringing women to pleasure got him off. No one else has ever come close, so I usually opt out when it comes to receiving.) Oh, and while I’m on this subject, I don’t mind giving, as long as I know the dick is safe, and it’s pretty. You know how some dicks just aren’t cute. Like, I inspected “The Artists" dick a few months back; and I almost gagged. I mean it was thick, but that was the only positive attribute it had. It was bumpy or mole-y and he was super hairy. And also, I don’t know if it was because we were in a place with bad lighting, but I could swear it was ashy. It just looked rough, and I decided right then and there that I could never... ever do anything with that dick. How do people feel about multi-colored dicks? You know the ones that are lighter at the head then they are at the base. I kinda like them. I know! I’m a weirdo. Haahahahaha!

Back to my romp with the F.M.

So he’s down there trying his hardest to (I don’t know…..I really just.don’t.know?) The whole time I’m like, come on and give me that dick. His eat game was, robotic at best…..bless his heart for trying. And like I said before, I really don’t like that shit anyway, so I didn’t waste any time trying to coach. Not wanting to hurt his feelings I let him try his hand for a few minutes. When he came up, and put the condom on well, it warmed Nic’s heart. I really do love nice dick, and it looked nice as hell.
As wet as I was, (and you know I was after my dick-iatus) it was still a bit of a struggle to get him all in. No worries, I like the pain….that’s the best fuckin’ part!
So he’s inside of me, and got-damn it felt good. He started off slow, asking me if I was okay in between kisses, and I’m all “Hells yeah!” I look in his eyes…he looks into mine (well as much as we could in the dim light) I smile and he smiles, then I start throwing it back because, I’m not a lazy bitch, and sometimes it’s fun to be cooperative. He needed to know that I’m a grown ass woman, in that way, and that I don’t have time to waste being treated like a fragile little doll. That’s when the real fun began. I got flipped; dragged, twisted, hair pulled, ass slapped, put on my stomach and told to close my legs (Nic’s favorite position). Ahhhhh, if only he would have had the heart to choke me into unconsciousness, LOL! (I’m serious though)

He wasn’t the best, but he has a nice stroke game, and just about everything he did felt nice. After about 20 – 25 minutes, he started to play with my clit while he was stroking from the side. I just moved his hand away. In past experiences that made me completely lose control and cum, and I was enjoying myself, (selfish, I know but whatever). Then a few minutes later, while he was hitting it from the back he started it again. I said “Stop, I don’t want to cum yet.” He was like “Shit baby, I can’t hold this any longer.” Oh! he should have never showed me any weakness. That just made me throw it back even harder. He was beatin’ it up to the point where every single stroke was hurtin’ but it felt so damn good. A few moments later he was cummin’ and being very vocal about it *that’s a plus* I didn’t get to go there though *booooooooo-nigga-booooooo!* No big deal, there’s only been like 1 ½ dudes that made me cum on a consistent basis. So I was not surprised there. Sex has always been a mental thing with me. I guess I’m just not 100% there with him.

After he came he got up to throw the condom away. When he came back to the bed, he asked me if I was okay and I said “Yeah”. 30 seconds later he was sleep. Snoring lightly. I lay there thinking about so many things, he rolled over and pulled me towards him to cuddle, and asked me again if I was okay. All I could say was “Yeah, I’m cool”. Then he asked me to stay the night…..I said that I would, and he fell back asleep.
At this point it’s around 2:45 -3am, and I’m uncomfortable and awake. I’m also still horny. I thought about going another round with him, but thinking that the results would be the same, opted to grab my panties and roll. After a 10 minute drive, I was in my house. I showered, brushed my teeth, crawled into bed, and as soon as I found the perfect spot on my bed my cell starts to go beep beep beep. He’s texting me talking bout’ “I thought you said you would spend the night with me?”

Well that’s it for today. Look for part 4 sometime early next week, to see how the F.M.’s been acting since I let him hit. And new developments involving “The Artist” That nigga really lost his mind.



UnKnownDiva said...

wow...i thought i was the only one who had the experience of not being able to cum consistently. and only 1 1/2 guys were able to do it for me to!! thats some funny ish 4real! i can't wait to hear how he's been actin since.

UnKnownDiva said...
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KIKI said...

I'm confused.

Why in Gawd's name would you stop him from playin with the clit if that makes you cum? But then complain that you didn't get off? *scratches head in confusion* should let him keep playin wit it & got yours...who know's it could have turned into one loooooong know the kind that just never seems to stop...

Maybe that's just me...

Glad to hear the drought is over, though.

Where you been? I miss dont come by no mo or nuffin...

I'm startin to feel neglected...

Ms.T said...

Nice for you...I am pretty sure the fireman is somewhere between sprung and confused. But, he is a bit lazy and selfish for me, you should of had at least another round...LOL!

anonymousnupe said...

I wonder if it was the same 1.5 guys for you and unknowndiva?!

Kiki took the words right outta my mouf. You just like being a martyr, 'cause you coulda got yours too, quite easily. See how y'all do a brother? Then you dawg him on your blog. Poor fire-man.

My wife left for Canada this morning. So what in the world am I gonna do with this chubby you have spawned on a Friday night?!

Nic said...

@ unknowndiva,
Awww… You suffer from the 1.5 curse too!?!?!?! That’s too bad. And yeah, he’s getting on my nerves already. I don’t even feel motivated to write about that shit. Lol!

@ kiki,

Okay, now that that’s been taken care of…Like I said, I was being selfish. Greedy is what I should have written. I mean after 38 years of celibacy I didn’t want that feeling to end. “one loooooong know the kind that just never seems to stop...” What is this mystical “long one” you speak of. *Googling *

I ain’t been anywhere though. I sent a couple of emails through to that email address you gave me - to get an access code for you blog, but to no avail. :(

@ ms. T,
Wish I was sprung also. Instead, I’m just confused. I would have went another round (or continued round 1 for myself), but I just wasn’t feeling him at that moment. I still don’t know if I ever want to sleep with him again or not.

@ snupe,
If it is, that’s fucked up and funny. We’d definitely need to start up a website called

And I don’t blame him for anything. I said he had a nice stroke game. Just didn’t last as long as I’d hoped. Gawd!!!

I think if I’d really liked him, I would’ve stayed and worked things out. Like I said, I guess I’m just not 100% there with him.
As far as the chubby is concerned…well it’s now Monday. I hope the problems resolved itself.
Tell kiki to let me into her blog ;)

Khoney330 said...

Sounds like you some fun. Too bad the big O didn't happen for you. Once you get a few more years on you, you'll learn how to get yours ALL the time. ;o) But I'm glad you had a good time. Looking forward to the next installment.


Nic said...

@ khoney330,
Yeah, I had SOME fun. I'll try not to take so long with the next installment.

anonymousnupe said...

You betta go 'head and register that url before it gets snatched up!!! It’s brilliant. Hopefully people won't think it's about the milk man or Peapod. Even if you don’t develop it you could maybe sell it to a traveling troupe of male strippers or something. And I'm not privy to Kiki's place either. I was wonderin' how one goes about gaining access myself.

Uh, Kiki?

Oh, and I had to take the Friday situation into my own capable hands. I just know better than to read you when the Mrs. is outta town.

Mahogany Brown said...

Oh my lol!! I agree with KiKi!! It's your own fault lol. You should have got yours! And the "long one" she speaks of is no unicorn lol. It does truly exist! ROFL!!

Nic said...

@ snupe,
You are too silly!

@ mahogany brown,
ROTF @ “unicorn” Really had to cover my mouth.

Qucifer said...

You should have let him make you cum... its hard enough as it is especially if you are going through a "hardly any dic there" phase

Not me, no ma'am I've been blessed with the ability to be multi orgasmic even when I straight HATE the dude

dc_speaks said...

i had to stop almost immediately after reading...

you're kinf of like a lil sisiter..not interested int eh details...but im glad you got the Jump hahaha


Nic said...

@ qucifer,
Lucky lucky girl! You are truly blessed. I wish there was a shot or something that could make me multi-orgasm prone. Oh well, I have faith that one day I’ll at least get “the long one” that Kiki and Mahogany brown were talking about.

@ dc,
Awwwww, I completely forgot to put a disclaimer up there for you. I’m sorry…

Monie said...

lmmfao @ this entire post and the comments! Can you buy long O's at Target? I need to get me somma them...

Keelah said...

Okay...I gotta know...who was the 1/2 man??? LOL

Keelah said...

and your creep move...I'm sure he's sprung now!

Nic said...

@ monie,
Right! lol. They need to have them at Sam’s Club. I’d load my cart up with economy size packages of Unicorn brand “Long O’s”, and hum “Falsetto” in the check-out line.

@ Keelah,
The 1/2 man is the Puerto Rican one who spent quality time familiarizing my clit with his tongue. He made me cum many-many times, but I only counted him as half, because his dick game was lacking.