Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Free Your Mind!

I’m one of those people who are constantly changing their screen saver. I may have a flower, a picture of my G-dson, or a famous piece by a world renowned artist. These are a few of the artist I have in my phone. *see below* For the past month, I’ve had Frida Khalo as my cell phone screen-saver. She’s one of my favorite artists, and there's actually a great exhibit of her work in the Philadelphia Museum of Art right now. The picture I have of her is a self portrait; and a pretty famous one at that. Now I’m no art connoisseur, but I can appreciate it. I’m writing this post because this Saturday, my friend asked to use my phone, and almost fell out the car laughing at the self portrait/screen-saver of Frida Khalo. Trying to explain to her who she was, and why I had her on my phone was pointless. Trying to explain that the portrait was indeed that of a female was also pointless. I’ve given up hope of her expanding her mind culturally. If it ain’t about a website to watch free online movies, or some $200 shoes for her son…she really isn’t that into it. Oh well. To those of you who care to see a different side of me…..scroll down.My favorite is"The Kiss" by Gustav Klimt.

1940 “Autorretarto con Collre de Espinas y Colibri” Frida Khalo

1907 “The Kiss” Gustav Klimt

c. 1889 “Starry Night” Vincent van Gogh

c.1931 “The Persistence of Memory” Salvadore Dali

c. 1876-77 “The Star, or Dancer on the Stage” Edgar Degas

Feel free to link to you favorite art if you have any.
P.S. Anything can be art, if you want it to be.



Anonymous said...

I yelped when I saw Frida, I'm a HUGE Frida Khalo stan, HUGE

I got to see some Degas paintings and bronze sculptures and Van Gogh's real up close in Paris once, It truly did make my life

Sarah & Amanda said...

Are you by any chance a Smithie? We're putting together a list of Smith Alum blogs and would love to include you!
Please let us know if we can!

Keelah said...

Art is the ish! People who cant recognize...PERPLEX me!!!!

Ms.T said...

The 1st picture is amazing. All the picture are nice!!

Nic said...

@ qucifer,
I know just how you feel. Her work is going to be here in the Philadelphia Museum of Art thru May. It’s supposed to be one of the biggest collections of her work ever, and I’m so excited. The tickets aren’t even that expensive, (and that’s a blessing). There was a Salvadore Dali exhibit here last year, and I kick myself all the time for missing it. Hopefully I’ll be able to check this out a few times. Degas and Van Gogh!!!!!! That’s amazing. And in Paris no less, well that’s just the icing on the cake. “It truly did make my life”…I can imagine.

@ sarah, & amanda,
Sorry girls, I’m not a Smithie…Have you checked out http://lolagetslife.blogspot.com/ ? I pretty sure she’s a Smithie. Thanks for visiting though.

@ keelah,
I mean really! I’m more then perplexed at this point. It’s kinda irking. I mean god forbid she hear me singing some Bon Jovi. She’s all “What the hell is wrong with you?” Oh well. I guess I have to be open enough to let her be her. But I really do wish she could let her cultural pallet mature.

@ ms.t,
Wow, I thought that was a painting at first, I mean with all the colors and everything. It’s beautiful. It looks so peaceful. Thanks for sharing. Oh yeah, is your blog site down? I tried to visit a few times.

Anonymous said...

It was NUTS chick!, no cordoning off or nothing you could put your nose to them practically,in the Musee d'Orsay which was amazing to begin with, chock full of Toulouse Lautrec original posters for the Moulin Rouge...

*very envious about you checking out the Khalos though*

JustMeWriting said...

HAHAHA... Well nic, I'm not gone front...I can't stand that Frida Khalo pic myself, but I LOVE LOVE LOVE the Salvadore Dali. I've had to interpret that darn Van Gogh pic soooo many times that I HATE IT. Anyway, I've got to go back and read your stories...I CAN'T WAIT. lol.

Ms.T said...

I write stuff then erase it, I am not good at blogging. So, I just use the site to comment for now.

Lola Gets said...

Thanks for sending the Smithies my way! I was thinking of letting the Smith world about my blog, but hadnt gotten around to it yet.


Nic said...

@ qucifer,
I can’t wait!

@ jmw,
Where you been? Did you see the Salvadore Dali exhibit when it was here last year?

@ ms.t,
Oh, okay.

@ lola,
No prob!

Xcentric Pryncess said...

I have a weird obesession with Dali, to the point of collecting clocks...I don't know why, but I feel better that someone else admires his work..

Tuesdai Noelle said...

Very nice, creative, classy, and interesting artwork. Each masterpeice has it's own individual unique look that posses a calm "sweetness" presents to it. I love the first and last photos. Nice :)

Nic said...

@ xcentric pryncess,
Yes! I love a twisted mind, don’t you? Dali is like calm chaos to me…the best!

@ tuesdai noelle,
I wish I had that talent. Something about the “light play” in his works, keeps me in love with Degas. Thanks for stopping by.