Thursday, February 14, 2008

Late Night Texts...Fuck Effort!

Am I the only one who hates text messaging?

Sunday morning at around 2:30am I get a text from my Ex-boyfriend Greg, simply stating, "R u up? I wanna c u." Now this pissed me of for a number of reasons.

Reason # 1. This is a booty call, and I should no longer be in his "booty call rolodex". Why?....For the newer readers, here's a quick recap of our relationship. We met, fell in love, went through serious baby mama drama with his ex, broke up, got back together, repeat x2, lost the ability to communicate with each other, broke up but slept together until I got my mind right and moved on to better things.

Now, I've seen him a few times since the last time we slept together, but my feelings for him (and I’ll admit, sometimes I think there's still something there) are just about gone. The only reason I haven't gotten him completely out of my system is that I haven’t slept with anyone else yet. (It's like that sometimes). Anyway back to the text.

Reason # 2. for why this text pissed me off...Didn't I just tell his raggedy ass last time we spoke/text that I fuggin' hate the fact that he acts like the only way he can communicate with me is through text messaging. Honest to god that was the major theme of the last few conversations we've had (during the time we were together, and afterwards). I mean I don't mind if it's used as a secondary form of communication, but that's all I ever get from him. If you want to keep in touch, fine....we can do that, but in my eyes, solitary text messaging is by far the most half assed way of communicating. It’s as if the person can't even muster up the balls to pick up the phone, DIAL, and say something (even if it's "Can I get some ass?") LOL!!!!!!! Shit, I'd be just fine in life if I never heard anything from him again.

Reason # 3. When we stopped sleeping with each other, having casual sex....didn't that imply that we STOP SLEEPING WITH EACH OTHER!!!! Translation.... no more booty calls.

Reason # 4, I just asked him a few months ago if he was dating someone seriously, and he said "yes" ! Didn't I already tell his whore ass that I'm in no way interested in being a home-wrecker, and especially with his ass!?!?!?!? God! He's my ex for a reason! Anyway, the whole thing just irked me.

New age communication = Fuck effort!

Do you agree? Yes ~ No.....tell me why!


Keelah said...

Girl, I feel ya! But he had to try right??? Happy Valentines Day! :)

Nic said...

@ Keelah,

Happy Valentines Day to you too! And to Xavien aka "lil'chocolate drop"

Ms.T said...

He sent the text message, so that is an effort. I prefer to send texts at 2 something in the morning b/c I feel like its more innocent. If someone ask for a date, than I think that is no effort at all. Truthfully, text messaging is a catch-22.

Nic said...

@ ms. t,

Hahaha, yeah on the effort scale it's somewhere between little and none. He can keep that. But he may be just the man for you. LOL!

anonymousnupe said...

It has its virtues, like privacy on the subway and other places you can't really talk out loud.

I thought you had quit the blog game. I guess I gotta start checking back here again.

Nic said...

@ Snupe,

Yeahhhhhh baby. I'm back! You know I can't quit you :)

Anyway, that nigga was not on a train or in a meeting at some damn 2 something in the morning. And on top of that...I asked him to not text me. Oh well. I'm not gonna change my number, so I guess I have to just keep ignoring them.

Kawana Aminata Oliver said...
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Khoney330 said...

I hear you Nic! Pick up the phone sometimes.. I'm not above sending a quick text, but dang.. I prefer to hear and be heard!

Nic said...

@ khoney330

Right, there have been a few times where I misunderstood a text. Then there have been times where people have gotten attitudes for things that I wrote. And I'm like..."wait....! I didn't mean it THAT way. You're reading way to much into that." You can't always grasp the tone of someones statement through a text.

Ms. Behaving said...

Gurl I'm living in the dinosaur ages...I've no mobile phone so I don't get or send text messages but if this is some of the shyt I'd have to deal with then I'm grateful I don't!!

Tha BossMack TopSoil said...

I had to fall through to see you. Let me sprinkle your post here, You can't knock dude for rollin' tha dice for a shot of Ass, whats he got to loose? Shoot out a late night text and see what come back. You might have been layin up with another dude? Thats a respectable covert type method of communication, specially ifn ya don't know whats happen on tha otha end, ya dig me?

Nic said...

@ ms. behaving,
WHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAT! No cell? No “get down or lay down” ironclad contract with the devil? No outrageous monthly bill that makes you sick? Lucky, lucky woman. LOL!

@ tha bossmack topsoil,
Thanks for stoppin' by. *weary of what you might be sprinklin', lol!* Anywho, yeah I see your point, but how many times do I have to tell dude that I don't like the texts! I mean either way it disturbed me. My phone makes noise when it rings, and when I receive texts. If I’m with one friend and my phone rings I always look at the screen to see who it is. Sometimes I can answer, sometimes I can't. No one has to get disrespected of offended that way either. Hope to see you back up in my comment section soon. We need more testosterone.

@ Snupe,
No baby, I’m not forgetting bout you, just figured you might need some more back up cause I don’t know where the hell DC, Ray-Ray, and JP went to since I came back from my blog vaca.

Monie said...

I love texting but I don't take any dude seriously who uses that as his only means of communications.

Remember back in the day B.T. (before texting) when you would get all butterfly-y hearing a dude's "phone voice". That shit has gone OUT the window. *sigh*

Nic said...

@ monie,
"I don't take any dude seriously who uses that as his only means of communications." EXACTLY! At this point I’m not into games. It's a punk move to me. Like he just wanted to say what he wanted to say, without repercussions. Oh well *le'sigh*

Mahogany Brown said...

This entry is getting you added to my blogroll lol!! I HATE HATE HATE text messaging!! I refuse to get an unlimited plan because then I'd have to acknowledge using it as a frequent source of communication. PICK UP THE DAM PHONE...AND STOP SENDING ME FORWARDS WHILE YOU'RE AT IT! lol

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