Friday, February 15, 2008

Oh, So You're Just Gonna' Ride That Out Huh ?!?!?!?!

Okay. This is gonna' be one of those post where I definitely won't name names. Here we go. So I was talking to this friend/friend through association* of mine the other day. We were on the phone not talking about anything in particular, when she asked me to hold on so that she could go to the bathroom. I did, and she was back in a few minutes. We started jibber-jabbering again, and then she said... "Not trying to gross you out or anything, but just now, when I went to wipe myself...I felt a bump." So, it's implied that it's down there right? Dewwww! That's "dang" & "ewwww" put together for those of you who don't know. She went on to say that when she went to wipe herself (and yeah she's grown, so this wasn't a weird diaper rash thing) it hurt. So she went investigating with her fingers, and that's when she felt the bump. I asked her if this bump was like a swollen lump, or if it was like a pimple coming to head. It was the latter. She went on to ask me what I thought it might be. At that point, I'm in my head like..."that don't sound good boo-boo. You might need more than Monistat 7!" For her ears I just said, "I think that you need to go to the doctors to get that checked out immediately”. I said this, because it sounded like the symptoms of an STD, and in that case she would be better off asking a doctor, because I can’t help her there. She was quiet. I asked her if she had been having unprotected sex whit her baby's father, and she said "no". Whateva honey! You ain't got to lie. I know she's been letting his whore ass hit it raw. The only reason she told me “no”, is because she knows I don't like him. And the only reason I don't like him is because she lets me know all of the dirt he's doing. Namely the other women. So I guess she was feeling a little salty, because shortly thereafter, she changed the subject, like she always does, whenever someone starts talking shit about her no good baby's daddy. So I let the conversation change.

And for any of you that are curious, yes this is the "Toni Childs" whose been spoken about in post past. So y'all know I care...but not that much, and sometimes not at all. Yeah, after our last falling out, we never got back to where we were. So that means that she no longer gets the perks of having a truly devoted best friend, like me.

So I let a day pass. We're talking on the phone again, and I ask her how everything's going. "with that situation"? She's all like, "What situation?" At this point in my head I'm like "How many situations you got?" But for her ears I just say in my low voice....,"the it still there?" She said that it was still there, and that nothing had changed. This prompted me to bring up going to the doctors AGAIN!! And do you know what she said?!?!?!?! Do you know what the heck she had the nerve to say?!?!??!!!!!!! "Well I have an appointment with 'Baby Childs' (her son) on the 8th."

I respond “OF NEXT MONTH?!?!?!” and her answer was a nonchalant “yes”.That's 3 weeks away. So of course, I'm confused and frustrated with her. I try to stay calm, because I don't want to scare her, but I still press the issue of her going to the doctors before then, telling her that she might want to make an appointment with her gyn., or even to the free clinic. Stressing that she had to do something….and sooner rather than later. She just responded by telling me she had to get off the phone. Had to get back to work, and got off the phone with me.'re just gonna’ sit on THAT for close to a month huh? Wow! I'm not too surprised. In her heart, she probably thinks it's going to be bad news (like I do). She doesn't like to deal with shit head on, if it has anything to do with her man/baby daddy. Even though this dead beat does nothing but make her feel small, tell her she isn't on his level, take her money (including her $3000.00 income tax return (which is rightfully hers since he does nothing for or with the child), takes her car, roof her cell phone, constantly get caught dealing with other women, can never explain where the last condom went to, and IMHO makes way to many verbal observations about her cuter friends… right in front of her face. Yeah he's a real winner.Back in the day I wasted a lot of time, trying to get her to see that she's worth so much more, then to have to deal with that kinda shit, but he's who she's smitten with, so I'm out of it.

I couldn't just ride that out though.

Maybe I'm trippin'!



Tha BossMack TopSoil said...

See, you talk shit about how stupid you gurl is, but you not there when she is getting her issue of Dick, ya dig? Thats why she's stuck, that issue of Dick is critical.

Excuse my Vocab potency.

Nic said...

@ t.b.t.
I thought that she might be dickmatized too, but lately she said his fuck game was lacking. Why she's still dealin' with him....God only knows! I think it's a self-esteem problem on her part.
I don't know what to do. Everytime I think about it I just hear that "Love is Blind" song by Eve. And I'm not so much talking about how stupid she is, just writing about a fucked up situation, and the fact that I couldn't deal with that shit! She's being amazingly hard-headed.

I'd love for a male reader (like yourself) to post about women with low self-esteem. How to break them down...How to build them up....If you've ever tried to do either.

p.s. I like the potency!

Keelah said...


Khoney330 said...

Wow! I don't believe there's much else to say!


Bygbaby said...

You know, if she doesn't mind running around with a janky pussy, what can you do. I would back away & let her do her thing.

Next time she comes over & needs to use it, make sure you have some bleach, lysol & rubber gloves to clean that seat!!!


tAnYeTTa said...

she better study up on

that dick is potent.

sounds like she stuck on the heat! LOL

Lola Gets said...

Hey, grown folks can get diaper rash too! Just ask anyone who uses Always pads on a regular. I learned that the hard way - and after a friend of mine warned me, too! Hmpf.


Rose said...

Coupled with being dickmotized and having low self esteem, not much you can do or say to her. She'll be back crying when the doctor tell her what's up. Maybe then she'll try to get out of that bad situation.